Ireland’s first radio station dedicated to noughties music is launching next week.

Noughty Beats is a new service from the team at Ireland’s first regional radio station, the market leading Beat 102-103.

Director of Music with Beat, Niall Power, says “the noughties was a fascinating decade musically. At the turn of the millennium, dance and pop were the dominant genres before urban and r&b took over around the time Beat launched in 2003. A couple of years later, festival rock was the top genre with the Killers, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs and the likes dominating airplay. In the latter part of the decade, pop made a massive comeback with the launch of Katy Perry and Rihanna’s careers whilst dance came back into the mainstream with the arrival of Calvin Harris and David Guetta.”

Power adds that “Noughty Beats promises all the biggest hits from each year, but we’ve also worked hard to dig out those forgotten gems that will really take people back. We’ll also be bringing our Beat Anthems brand to Noughty Beats with the best club tunes of the decade on Friday and Saturday nights.”

The station will focus on music released between 2000 and 2010 and is one of ten new radio stations launching on the Irish RadioPlayer app. Check this best running stroller

Beat boss Gabrielle Cummins says “Beat has been at the forefront of music radio in the South East since our launch in 2003. We’re thrilled that the Irish Radioplayer has provided our market leading brand with the opportunity to expand. It’s exciting to be part of an initiative that will further add to the diverse radio landscape in Ireland. Our typical listener at Beat is a late-twenty-something, so Noughty Beats will really tap into their nostalgic buzz by providing a soundtrack that is very much the music of their teenage years

Noughty Beats launches on Tuesday September 4th on the Irish RadioPlayer app, the Beat app and at