Radio: Where the imagined becomes real is the theme of Choose Radio 2011, the campaign to encourage advertisers to increase their annual investment in radio. Jointly developed by the IBI and RTÉ Radio, the campaign will run on all 36 radio stations across Ireland from May 16th until May 29th.

With 86% of people listening to radio every day with an average listening time of almost 4 hours if an advertiser wants to reach multiple audiences, then they must be on radio. In previous years the Choose Radio campaign has worked well to remind advertising agencies of the power of radio to sell to all consumer groups.

Radio stations will broadcast the Choose Radio promo 3 times a day for the two weeks of the campaign.  The creative process was overseen by Jimmy Murphy and the team at Publicis QMP. Recording and post production was done in Mutiny Studios.

Choose Radio 2011 I Have Some Cream