The latest JNLR figures published today confirm Irish radio’s strong hold on the hearts and the ears of Irish audiences with more than 3 million people tuning into Irish radio on a daily basis.

Chairperson of the Choose Radio group which represents all of Irelands’ radio stations sales houses, Gabrielle Cummins said “despite the plethora of audio options and listening choice available, Irish audiences still gravitate towards radio. Even in the younger demographic when the perception is that other audio is more prevalent, the opposite is actually true with 1 million 15-34 year olds choosing radio every day.”

According to Cummins “Irish radio listeners are extremely loyal to the radio with 1.269 million people only listening to one radio station and 744,000 listening to two or more radio stations”.

Listener loyalty and the strong connection between radio stations and their audiences is something that is not replicated by any other medium. Creating a strong connection between brands and potential buyers is something which every advertiser seeks and this is something that radio offers.  The reality is that radio can allow brands to reach consumers in the most effective way possible”, said Cummins.  The Choose Radio Group is highlighting that advertisers need to greatly increase their use of radio advertising to make sure their clients are benefiting from the connection between radio stations and their audiences.

Choose Radio comprises all of the radio sales houses who are working together to raise the profile of radio advertising.

JNLR APRIL 2017 – the facts

  1. We all still love to listen to radio. In terms of consumption of audio content, radio makes up 88% of all audio listening. 82% or 3.083 million in Ireland tune in every day.
  2. The average listening time per listener is over 4 hours per day
  3. Radio listening is pretty evenly split  – 51% female and 49% male
  4. Radio dominates the share of audio listening at 88% versus listening to own music at 8.6%, streaming music at 2.8% and listen back or podcasting at 0.9%
  5. Radio stations across Ireland have almost 8 million social media connections across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat
  6. Most people still listen to radio via FM either at home or in the car. This compares with listening on PC/Laptop(1.4%), on a mobile device (2.5%)  and other device (0.7%).