The IBI is the representative body for Ireland's independent commercial radio broadcasters. Our 34 member stations broadcast to 2.449 million listeners across Ireland everyday.
They include national, multicity, regional and local radio stations.

86% of adults listen to radio on the average weekday and this figure is on the rise. Radio is very much part of the community and has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening and what’s important to the listener. This is reflected in the loyal listenership base and it makes radio one of the easiest and most effective ways to target specific consumer groups and to reach people everywhere.




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IBI Report calls for immediate political action on public service broadcasting on independent radio stations

The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) has called for immediate and decisive Government action on broadcasting reforms. At the launch of the report today IBI Chairman John Purcell told TDs… MORE



Damian Tiernan is the new voice of Waterford

WELL-KNOWN journalist and broadcaster Damien Tiernan is the new voice of mid-morning radio in Waterford, taking over as presenter of the award-winning 'Deise Today' on WLR. WLR has confirmed that… MORE



Cork’s 96Mas brings Christmas to the airwaves

Cork is getting it’s own dedicated, online Christmas radio station this year.     Cork’s 96 Mas is being launched by Cork’s 96FM this Friday. The radio station, promoted with the help of the… MORE



Community Broadcasters Required for Absolute Irish Radio

Absolute Irish Radio is Ireland’s Country and Irish station and we are looking for community broadcasters to join our new digital online station. Hear about Bishops dispute Speaker Pelosi comment… MORE


Head of IT & Broadcast – Waterford

Award winning radio stations WLR FM and Beat 102-103 are looking for a new ‘Head of IT & Broadcast services’. The position will be based at our purpose built Broadcast Centre, located in Waterford city.… MORE




Radio will be a vital lifeline during Storm Lorenzo   

With Storm Lorenzo due to hit Ireland in the next few hours the Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IB) John Purcell is urging people to keep their radio… MORE



Irish Radioplayer expanding its offering – Additional channels will offer increased diversity and choice to the audience

The Irish Radioplayer will expand its offering to listeners by adding new channels to the app. The Irish Radioplayer, which was launched in April 2015 with 43 radio stations, is… MORE



Shortlist revealed for An tOireachtas Media Awards 2019, including Commercial Radio Programme of the Year

The shortlist for An tOireachtas 2019 Media Awards has been announced. Included in this year’s Awards is Commercial Radio Programme of the Year, which celebrates the creativity, diversity and broadcasting talent… MORE



Choosing Radio…the driving force behind Crisis Text Line nationwide volunteer campaign

[video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="http://www.ibireland.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Twitter.mp4"][/video]   Choosing radio has never been more important for advertisers, with 3.1million people daily tuning in to Irish stations, the impact, power and trust of the… MORE



Independent Broadcasters Welcome Significant Changes in Broadcasting Legislation

The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI), the organisation representing Ireland’s 34 independent radio stations has welcomed the announcement by Communications Minister Richard Bruton to review and amend broadcasting legislation. Chairman… MORE


The Future of Public Service Broadcasting on Independent Radio

The funding model for the entire radio sector needs radical and immediate reform. Despite its crucial role in Irish society and the strict regulation, the broken advertising model and the changing dynamic has forced local radio bosses to cut back on basic resources in newsrooms which is having a direct…

Report on the Television Licence Fee

A Public Service Broadcasting Fund for Independent Radio Stations: A scheme proposed by the IBI

The IBI has been campaigning for a fair and equitable system of funding for public service broadcasting in Ireland. The introduction of the new Public Service Broadcasting Charge will result in additional revenue being collected for the purpose of funding PSB. This document outlines a new scheme that proposes to…

Funding Policy

Creating a fair broadcasting sector that serves the whole community The Programme for Government made a commitment to review the funding of public and independent broadcasters. Public policy has up to now focused solely on ensuring that the state owned broadcaster is adequately funded. If the independent radio sector is…

Choose Radio 2012

We’re Irish and We Listen to the Radio more than Anyone Else in the Whole Wide World is the theme of the fourth annual Choose Radio campaign, which aims to encourage advertisers to invest in radio advertising by demonstrating its power and reach. Jointly developed by the Independent Broadcasters of…

Broadcasting Conference 2015: Deciding the Future – Next Radio

IBI Broadcasting Conference 2015

Broadcasting Conference 2013 Radio:Future Shock?

The 6th IBI Broadcasting Conference took place on Tuesday April 30th  in the Conrad Hotel, Dublin. 6 of Ireland’s best musicians and composers were inducted into the IMRO Academy and performed at the Conference dinner. This year's Conference was entitled "Radio: FutureShock?” - the accelerated rate of technological and social…

IBI Broadcasting Conference 2012: Fine-tuning Irish Radio

The 5th IBI Broadcasting Conference took place in the Westbury Hotel, Grafton Street, Dublin on Tuesday April 3rd with the conference dinner in the same location on Monday night. Director General of RTÉ, Noel Curran was the after-dinner speaker on Monday night. This year’s Conference focused on the challenges and…

IBI Conference 2011 – Radio:The Sound of Success

The fourth annual IBI conference “Radio: The Sound of Success” took place on the 5th of April 2011. Delegates at the conference addressed the true value of radio advertising, partnerships between broadcasters and the music industry in Canada and heard about  the emotional connection between radio and the listener. Download…

IBI Conference 2010 – Radio: Stayin’ Alive

The third annual IBI conference “Radio: Staying Alive” took place on the 19th of April 2010. Delegates at the conference addressed the changing media environment, whether radio should embrace the digital age and the question of political advertising on radio. Download the Agenda for the 2010 Conference.

IBI Conference 2009 – Twenty Years and Growing

The IBI’s second annual conference took place at on March 2nd 2009. The conference entitled “Twenty Years and Growing” celebrated 20 of independent radio in Ireland and the success and impact of the sector in Ireland. President Mary McAleese gave the keynote address. Download the Agenda for the 2009 Conference.


The 1988 Broadcasting Act was a seminal piece of legislation in paving the way for Ireland’s independent broadcasting sector. Prior to the introduction of the Act, broadcasting in Ireland was limited to the state broadcaster, which enjoyed a monopoly in radio and TV broadcasting in many areas of the country.

In July 1989, Ireland’s airwaves were opened and the first two commercial stations to go on air were Capital Radio (later to become FM104) and Mid West Radio.

That same year the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI), formerly called the Association of Irish Radio Stations, was founded to champion the sector and to promote diversity and quality of broadcasting to Ireland’s radio listeners.

The diversity of independent broadcasting is seen in the growth of radio in Ireland with specialist pop, talk, classical, country and youth stations now broadcasting on the airwaves. The strength of the sector is evidenced in the IBI currently representing the interests of two national radio stations, one multicity radio station, four regional radio stations and 27 local radio stations from across Ireland.

The mission of the IBI is to promote a strong and vibrant radio sector which reflects the preferences and needs of the listening public. The IBI represents the interests of radio station owners to the government and to the independent regulator, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).

The IBI also lobbies on behalf of the radio listeners of Ireland and constantly seeks to ensure that the quality of programming remains extremely high. In this regard we regularly contribute to industry consultations and forums on issues ranging from programming to advertising and strategy.

The IBI aims to provide a distinct and coherent national voice in the ongoing campaign for competitive equality across the broadcasting sector.

Independent broadcasting is intertwined in the life of every community in the country. 70% of the population tune into our stations on a daily basis. This translates into weekday figures of in excess of 2.5 million listeners. With more than 1,500 people employed in the sector, independent broadcasters make a significant economic, social and cultural contribution to the Irish economy.

The IBI board includes ten industry members, representing broadcasters from around the country. A chairman is elected every two years by the board. The current chairman is John Purcell, CEO of KCLR 96FM.

The first independent broadcaster in Ireland, Capital radio (now FM 104) was launched on the 20th of July 1989. Pictured at the launch of Capital radio are Dave Kelly, Chris Barry, Ross Allen, Liam Coburn, Mike Duggan, Scott Williams, Gerry Stevens and Aidan Leonard.

Scott Williams was the first voice to be broadcast on independent radio.



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